Friday, October 08, 2004

More information than you need

Let me describe my environment. I work in a research building that is tastefully finished in a blue and white trim, giving it the appearance of a legotown building. Appropriate for the level of thought put into the design. It is supposedly "start of the art", but that art would be the art of bloody incompetence. The architect thoughtfully provided several horizontal metal grille structures above the windows. What they are supposed to do is a frequent topic of tea room chatter. What they actually do is provide a perch for flocks of gatrically challenged pigeons. David Attenborough would not approve of this guano! Some of the perches are outside my window. They tell you to rest your eyes after computer work by looking at distant objects. In my case my focus stops short on the white streaks on my window. When the pigeons fail to hit the window they drop it on the floor outside the main exit door. Slippery when wet as Bon Jovi once sang. Its always funny until someone gets hurt! Hopefully it will be captured on CCTV and we can watch it on "you've been framed".


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