Tuesday, November 02, 2004

One of those days

As Chris Eubank (after Spiderman) once said "with great power comes great responsibility". I don't know about the power bit but I certainly have responsibilities. Most of today was spent persuading people to help me. First phone calls to the technology transfer office to make sure grant#2 had been dispatched. This was particularly important because I rewrote the grant over the weekend, finishing late Sunday afternoon. Fortunately it was this improved version that got sent off. Second phone calls to get costings and forms for grant#3. Third, meeting with my research assistants. Planning experiments with one, and persuading her to print me a nice graph. Then looking at data generated by the other. Fourth organising some blood samples for experiments tomorrow. Fifth, I am the host for a seminar speaker on Wednesday, so I sent out a seminar notice and organised some people to talk to him after the seminar. There is nothing more depressing as a speaker, than travelling a long way to give a seminar, then leaving straight after. It's like be a plumber. Come in get the job done, then bugger off. In between these small bits of administration, I started filling out the forms for grant #3 and got temporarily depressed. I solved this by going home early. Tonight I must start reading that PhD thesis!


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