Thursday, November 04, 2004

I should be happy

Today I found out that my lab has been fixed. The airflow problem that has forced closure for 4 months was fixed in under an hour this AM. I should be happy but I am rather bitter that we have been suffering for 4 months it it was this easy. I am afraid to say that I have lost a bit of confidence in my HOD. This rapid repair was forced by the imminent move of MC into our building. What really leaves bile in the mouth, is smirking face of MC- the face that says "I fixed your lab for you so you should be grateful". Coincidentally I also lost a £10 bet that it wouldn't be done. Fools and their money.

Completed the first scan of the PhD thesis I will be examining next week. It's quite clear that the student had a struggle. Most of the results are negative, but the writing is not bad and he has discussed what few positive results he had in an intelligent way. Although I had no major problems with it, I thought I had better contact the other examiner because I am not an expert in this field. He replied that he knew even less than me and was struggling to cope with the jargon! Now I realise why we have been chosen. It's all part of "playing the game".


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