Friday, November 12, 2004

The tanks are circling

After a relatively calm week, the storm clouds have started appearing on the horizon.Yesterday it was announced that there was date for MC and his group to start moving into our building. In fact a removal firm had been booked. This was a bit of surprise, but then I don't suppose that warnings are generally given just before an invasion. Two of us (yes one of them was the scaredy cat who writes this blog) confronted the HOD and asked why we weren't consulted, since relocating 12 people into space that is already occupied is not a trivial matter. My fuming colleage pointed out that we regularly got bombarded with departmental emails about safety procedures, seminars, appraisals, lost trolleys, and car parking. Yet the plans for a major reorganisation of lab space was not deemed important enough to be communicated. Looking at my colleages reddening face, HOD replied that he had been away and knew no more than we did. Furthermore he thought we might have sorted it out with MC himself. Rather strange when MC said that no final decision would be reached until HOD came back. As an act of appeasement,he agreed to arrange another meeting,but I suspect it will not resolve anything. His leadership continues to be uninspiring.

Today we discovered that two large pieces of equipment had appeared in a laboratory on our floor. Behold, tis truly a miracle! One of the pieces of equipment that was already in situ has been unceremoniously dumped in the corridor outside. Those little pixies must be strong. Apparently this equipment relocation was done without the knowledge of the HOD. The first shots have been fired!


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