Friday, November 19, 2004

keep 'em peeled

It has been raining so much in the last few weeks that the pigeon quano on my window has ceased to be a problem. I would like to believe that they have flown to sunnier climes. However it is more likely that they crept into the roofspace of the building for the winter. The first maintenance man to go in there, is in for a shock.

A ripple of excitement in the building. This morning 3 shifty looking young men breezed into the building and made their way to the first floor. Finding the door was locked they came back down again, whereupon they were challenged. They claimed that they were here about a "cleaning" contract, and legged it. Security were called but had still not shown up when the front doors were locked at 5pm. My conclusion, it is getting near christmas, and lots of people have laptops down on their present list!

Another building users meeting. I think the "users" are immune now to the list of bureaucratic balls-ups and mismanagement emanating from the university. Today it was announced that the architect's photographer had requested permission to take pictures of the building interiors. Unfortunately he was not interested in taking any pictures of the numerous problem areas that resulted from poor design. The building manager booted him out and told him he was only allowed to take pictures of the outside. Another topic that came up was the building X-mas party. Always a controversial area, with "cheer up you miserable sod, its only once a year" and the "bloody hell, more pissed up students wandering round the department and chundering in the corridors" types. The latter are usually outvoted. According to university regulations, building parties with alcohol were not allowed. So we can either have "dry" party, with lots of people toting brown paper bags. Or we could provide a "reception" with limited refreshments (bottle wine/head) after an exceptionally short seminar. Either way it will be a good test of the carpets.

It's all quiet on the western front prior to next week's big move. My colleague and I rearranged the furniture in our office to allow space for a third desk. This reversed our previous postion when we had made sure that we took up the maximum amount of space, specifically to stop a third person coming into the office. This was in response to our crafty HOD who personally moved in a third desk when we weren't looking. He knew that we knew and we knew that he knew. Stalemate, until the recent crisis. Our new colleague is a good friend but is a man of many words. It was suggested that we put up partitions like they do in "real offices" so that we could try and get some work done. I decided that working from home would be far more effective.


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